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Oct 10, 2009
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Beautiful & Shy

She is a star who actually didn’t want to be one. Kirsten Stewart has starred in independent films and played roles, with whom she wanted to cause consideration. But then she became a part of Twilight, the film version of Stephanie Meyers vampire saga, last year and found herself catapulted into Hollywood over night. A dream for every young actor, but the 19 year old is still struggling with the hype, which was brought to her with the vampire love story. At the interview for her current teenage comedy ” Adventurland”, which takes place in the ” Four seasons hotel”, Beverly Hills, she wears vampire dark black from top to toe: t-Shirt, vest, jeans- and initially seems shy. Still Kristen manages to relax a little minute by minute.

Due to the worldwide success of Twilight you are among the most questioned young actors in Hollywood. How does that feel?

Twilight changed my life a lot. The success opened me a lot of opportunities and I do get offered more great roles. The fan post is twice as much as before and it got difficult to run through a city without being recognized by someone. I´m inherently rather shy, and therfore not searching for the spotlight. Some people think my insecurity is arrogance. That´s not fair, but I learnt to deal with it.

The rumors persist that you had an affair with your twilight castmate Robert Pattinson.

We get on well and became great friends while shooting. But beside Robert I found other new friends on the Twilight-Set, too. A lot of people don´t understand, that women and men actually can be just friends, without having a sexual connection. You must have been used to the public intrest by now, after all you are acting since your childhood days.
That´s right, I was spotted by an agent when I was 8 and got my first roles in Disney film productions. It had thrilled me to simulate other characters. I think, my interest in the show business developed so early because both of my parents are involved in filming, too. My father is a producer and my mom is a script writer- a job I would like to have, too.

You seem to be very mature for your 19 years.

I hear that a lot. When I was 14, people said I would talk like a 30-year-old. Spiritual persons even think I´m an old soul. Certainly I grew up faster than others my age, because I left school at the 7th grade for my acting career. And as a child star you are constantly surrounded by adults, that had an impact, too.

Are there actors you admire?

Jodie Foster. I had a part in her film ” Panic Room”, which was a great honour for me. Since than she´s my role model in many aspects. I would love to be like her. She´s not just a great actress, she also made a name for herself as a director, author and producer. But what I admire the most is her ability to defend her private life from the public.

But you already managed that, too. Compared to other young actors, you were never spotted in the famous nightclubs.

That´s not my cup of tea. I´m not a Hollywood girl. I dislike all this superficial affectations. I spend my free time with other things. I´m bookish and love reading. A couch and a good book is all I need. From John Steinback to Albert Camus- I read everything I can get. But I also enjoy going to dinner with my friends or chill with my family and organize evenings where we play games together.

What about shopping? Where do you like to go for that?

I don´t know, I buy things very spontaneously, when I see them during a walk around town. I don´t have a stylist who fits me. I want to be authentic and to be honest, I don´t care what kind of label a shirt has. I started to create a t-shirt collection with my friend and co-star Nikki Reed, just for fun. It doesn’t have to get a major result.

Source: Robessessed Pattinson

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  • Annabelle

    Girls, that’s a very very old interview. She did it last spring..now, she doesn’t answer about private questions anymore…just because her and Rob are sick of denying their love…a kiss girl!