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Oct 9, 2009
Written by Graces | Filed: Headline News » 1 Comments

Barring any crock-umentary news popping up in the twilight hours, today has been a pretty tame day for Kristen Stewart news – that is to say, things have been on the up and up, just the way her fans like it.

For starters, Stewart’s forthcoming cover feature in Allure Magazine (due in stores in less than two weeks) put her into US Weekly’s Cover Stars.

Then, Scott Feinberg from “And the Winner Is” had an interview with Awards Daily where some discussion of Oscar buzzworthies ensued. When asked who he hopes isn’t forgotten in the Academy Award nomination blitz, he mentions Stewart for her work in Adventureland. Nice, eh?

Then, a video of Stewart’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse co-star Tinsel Korey surfaced where Korey talked about Kristen Stewart.The question, brought forth by an attendant of the Chicago show, and answer by Korey went as follows:

Q: I was just wondering what it’s like working with Kristen Stewart. She seems awfully shy and awkward in some of the things I’ve seen, so I just wonder if she’s really like that …

A: It’s funny because I had another interview, and they were like ‘she seems really shy,’ and that’s sort of the thing that people keep saying to her and so this time after filming, I’m like ‘I keep getting these questions about you being shy,’ and she’s like ‘how did I get this reputation about …?’
She’s just … I think she’s focused, and I think she has a lot on her mind and a lot to deal with. She’s got tons of fans that you know have sort of invested in this character Bella and are watching every little move that she … I can’t speak for her … that’s just sort of my idea of it. I think she’s just really focused, but she’s a little bit clumsy.

I love her, but … and, it’s not even that you know cause you saw her drop the award on MTV … and I was like ‘I saw you drop the award on MTV,’ and she was like ‘hhhhh,’ and I’m like ‘it’s okay though because it’s like awesome because it’s like so you …’ but it’s like, you know, she’s so cute when she does things like that and it’s not even the fact that she’ll like trip, it’s like there’s this one thing where she’s supposed to like walk into … and she walks into the thing, and it wasn’t even that she bumped into it, she’s like ‘ughhhh,’ and it’s like the little reactions that she does afterwards … cute … she’s awesome. I love her. She’s a cool person.

Korey’s discussion of Stewart begins after the four minute mark if you’d like to see the conversation for yourself.

Source: Examiner

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  • Daisy

    oh my god. i got the gist but it’s got no connection whatsoever. completely disconnected, even worse than kristen if that’s possible. with kristen at least i get what she’s talking about.