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Jul 10, 2014

I’ve added new behind the scenes and photoshoot of Kristen Stewart posed during a photo session in Paris.

Behind The Scenes


Feb 8, 2014
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I have uploaded new magazine scans of Kristen Stewart for March issue of Marie Claire to the gallery.

Jan 14, 2013
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I’ve added 2 new scans of Kristen Stewart featured in February issue of ‘W’ magazine to the gallery.

Nov 14, 2012
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I’ve added new magazine scans of Kristen Stewart featured on the special issue of “Hollywood Reporter” First Ever Top 25 Beauty Moments edition.


Sep 7, 2012

I have uploaded new photoshoots & magazine scans of Kristen Stewart for Canada issue of “Elle” to the gallery.


Sep 7, 2012
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Kristen Stewart seduced the world as the teenage idol Bella wan. But her emergence into adulthood has been far from fairytale. Christa D’ Souza meets a young woman caught in the middle of a very public scandal. Photographs by Mario Testino.

It started straightforwardly enough. I was going to LA to interview one of the biggest stars in the world about her upcoming film. At 22 (British Vogue says ’21′), Kristen Stewart had just been listed by Forbes magazine as the highest paid actress in Hollywood, a wealth largely due to Twilight, the vampire franchise in which she plays virgin idol Bella Swan. The quintessential emo, fame for her baity persona Stewart was second only to Kate Middleton, in terms of public interest, an interest nurtured by our fascination with her off screen courtship with co-star Robert Pattinson, which had tantalised the world with it’s are-they, aren’t-they narrative for years. 

For instance, however, Stewart was promoting a smaller, indie project: Walter Salles’s film adaptation of Jack Kerouac’s mostly autobiographical hipster classic On the Road. The book had been a passion of hers for years – of course it had! – and she’d lobbied and lobbied for the part of 16-year-old Marylou (the free spirit based on Neal Cassady’s wife LuAnne, who also enjoyed a love affair with Kerouac). Marylou was a million miles away from Stewart’s neurotic and clumsy-to-the-point-of-dyspraxic Swan; the perfect breakaway role. Like I said, it all seemed pretty straightforward.

And so we met on a lovely sunny day at Casita del Campo, a gloomy, near-empty Mexican restaurant not far from the Los Feliz mansion she shared with Pattinson. A tiny, intense presence, dressed in faded grey skinnies, she looked like a little doll as she slid into the booth. She had personally picked the venue, a) because there were sure to be no “cockroaches” (her word for the paparazzi) lurking in the bushes; and b) because, being a cool Silver Lake chick, she loves Mexican food. “I don’t even know, why I’m looking at the menu,” she sighed, as she half-heartedly swiped a chip in the salsa. “I already made myself lunch.”

With her reputation for bolshiness (all that gurning and insistent wearing of trainers on the red carpet and so forth), I’d half expected the meeting to be one of those classic journalistic struggles, but, in fact, she turned out to be excellent company: interesting, interested, articulate, funny, easy. She spoke carefully, with precision; a Valley Girl, sure, with all the “dudes” and the “likes”, but an articulate, measured one. She was especially droll and affectionate about her upbringing in the San Fernando Valley: how her mother, Jules, a scriptwriter/artist/”doer to the point of OCDness”, has a proper tatoo sleeve, hair extensions and a dog that’s part wolf; how she has decorated almost every ceiling in the house with one of her crazy Alice in the Wonderland murals; and how Kristen and her brother Cameron would come home from school and there Jules might be”ripping out a bathroom” because she was bored. She joked about how her dad, John (British Vogue said ‘Bill’), a stage manager with waist-length hair, had suddenly developed a thing for fashionand was “beginning to look like Karl Lagerfeld”. He keeps asking me to get him a Balenciaga man-bag and I keep saying, ‘Dad? Absolutely not!’”

And she was most forthcoming about On the Road, a copy of which decorated the dashboard of her first car when she was 16. We talked about how the part was a big departure from anything she had done previously. For one thing, the was nudity aplenty. In one scene, she, Sam Riley and Garrett Hedlund (who plays Kerouac and Cassady respectively) attempt a threesome. In another, she gives them hand jobs simulataneously. But Stewart was up for it all. “Walter made us confident,” she said animatedly, but awkward in her desire to make herself clear. “He totally primed us to be in a position to do things. We’d thought about it all so much that by the time we got to the set the story kind of worked it’s way through us. Like, we were vessels or something. In a way I can’t take credit for any of it.” • Read full story »

Sep 7, 2012

“SHOOTING with her was wonderful because she absolutely loved the clothes,” said fashion director Lucinda Chambers, who shot Kristen Stewart with photographerMario Testino for the October issue. “When I researched the shoot beforehand I was worried because she is so tiny and everyone had put her in huge, high fashion so far – and that’s not who she really is. She’s tough and edgy, so we put her in Just Cavalli, Christopher Kane, Versus, bits and pieces of vintage – and she just looked perfect. She kept saying ‘these clothes are just awesome’. We gave her a jacket from the set, a wool checked bomber jacket and she was really grateful.”

Wearing a silk shirt and trousers by Jonathan Saunders on the cover, as well as inside, Stewart made an impression on Chambers not just because of her reaction to the style of the shoot.

“She’s such an unusual character – really bright, and interesting in that she’s grown up in that LA system -she started so young, and yet she’s still so individual,” continued Lucinda, who first arrived at Vogue in 1980.

“Before every shot she would put her head down and really shout and growl, as if to psyche herself up – she said that she and Charlize Theron would do that together for theHuntsman film – really scream at each other, to gear themselves up for each scene. That’s just how she does it.”

“Generally I thought she came across as much older than her years really – she has this veneer of not giving a shit but there is a real person in there. She gives the impression of being really tough on the outside but in fact she’s really soft and sweet. I loved her.”

Source: Vogue UK

Aug 9, 2012

I’ve added complete ipad format scans of Kristen Stewart as Bella Cullen & Robert as Edward Cullen featured on the cover story of “Entertainment Weekly”, August 17-24 issue for Breaking Dawn: Part 2.


Aug 1, 2012

I’ve added new scan of Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson featured on the cover story of “US Weekly”, August 13 edition to the gallery.


Jun 14, 2012
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