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Nov 1, 2009

I’ve added a video and some screen captures of Kristen and Taylor at ‘New Moon’ Brazil Press Conference on November 1, 2009. Additionally, I have batch added more event photos from that event to the gallery. Check them out!


Nov 1, 2009
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Under tight security, the actors Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner have a press conference on Sunday (1), in Sao Paulo. Outside, hundreds of fans crowded in the hope of seeing one of the protagonists of the film “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

“Our fans are very passionate about, anywhere we go. At least 200 of them spent the night here in front of the hotel. It’s amazing to have that support, “said the actor.

Kristen spoke about the first time I had the opportunity to have contact with the euphoria of passionate fans of “Twilight” at Comic-Con event in San Diego in July, when the first scenes of “New Moon” were revealed to the public and the press.

Fans crowd on Sunday morning (1) in front of the hotel in the south of Sao Paulo waiting for Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, actors in the film ‘New Moon’. (Photo: Deborah Miranda/G1)
Many camped outside the flag of events, only to see their idols. “They were the first scenes of ‘New Moon’, and we were very eager to show our work to the public, we were excited. To see that reaction closely was great, “recalls the actress, who defined the Brazilian fans as” ridiculously cool.

The two arrived in Sao Paulo on Saturday and were greeted by many fans in the lobby of the airport, causing uproar and confusion. Some have to stay in the same hotel the double, hoping to see her, and had a fan who tried to pose as journalists to circumvent the security of the actors.

On Saturday night, they went to a barbecue, and Lautner said he always loved the barbecue. On Sunday they must continue their journey to Mexico.

Nov 1, 2009
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Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner posed for pictures at the hotel that are hosted in Sao Paulo on Sunday (1), which will give a press conference to promote the film ‘New Moon’, which opens on November 20.

Asked about the vision he had of Brazil, Taylor said he loves the Brazilian steak houses and that’s why the two were at a dinner on Saturday night. Both players ate the meat of rotation and asked papaya cream dessert. There was no harassment of fans on site.

Taylor also said in the interview that when he finished filming “Twilight”, he began to prepare for the new film even before it was called the cast of ‘New Moon’. ‘I started the day after I exercise, eat lots of protein, worked out a lot, “he said. ‘And he did not know that the role was his, “said Kristen.

Kristen said she had no idea that St. Paul could have as many buildings (it is found that in Brazil only have the Amazon rainforest?) And praised the Brazilian fans. ‘The fans were super friendly, warm and friendly, were really cool, “she said.

When Kristen answered a question about fashion tips, Taylor broke off a colleague to say that she was beautiful with any outfit …

Nov 1, 2009
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Outside the hotel where Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner attending a press conference to promote “New Moon”, the atmosphere was hysterical. Hundreds of fans had gathered under the sun to try to see, if only a glimpse of the two American actors. The height of madness happened just before the end of the interview, when the girls managed to break through the blockade of security and invaded the area outside the hotel. Security guards had to seal the doors and police were called to contain the turmoil.

The uproar was general when any figure was approaching one of the windows of a luxury hotel – even when the actors were not giving an appearance. Many fans came from outside of Sao Paulo. Others slept outside the hotel. Few could actually see the stars.
A group of five girls in Bauru was in place from the 8 am (the conference began around noon). Monica Gianni, 14, says he thought he saw Kristen Stewart. “She appeared in the glass and made a goodbye,” he said. As the girls tried to take pictures and they were running out of voice, the parents waited under a shade.

Already the parents of Gabriela Ferreira, 14, were in the midst of the confusion with her daughter. The girl says she was “fate” that led to the door of the hotel on Sunday. “I’m from Presidente Prudente and have come to Sao Paulo on holiday. When I found out that Taylor would be here, much begged my parents for bringing me, “he says. Meanwhile, father and mother also had fun and tried to see something within the hotel.

In the midst of so many girls, one boy drew attention. It was Leonardo Gaspar, 21, who was there to accompany his girlfriend, Jacqueline Moreno, 21. “We came here yesterday too, trying to piggyback on the actors, right? Some people went to the back door and could see them when they went out to dinner yesterday, but we did not see anything, “said Leonardo, who is pointing out that the fan is his girlfriend.

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner came to Sao Paulo on Saturday morning, creating excitement at the airport to airport. The two stars of “Twilight” attended a press conference on the afternoon of Sunday, 1, and now head for Mexico. The trip is part of the promotion of the film “New Moon,” which opens on November 20.

Nov 1, 2009
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Kristen Stewart was clicked in the Guarulhos airport, on Sunday evening (1). She and Taylor Lautner left the Hyatt in Sao Paulo, where they were staying. They held a press conference to promote “New Moon”, and now head for Mexico.

The airport is crowded. Many fans hope the idols from the 15 hours, holding magazines, photos and posters. The actress was clicked inside the car, in the back seat. Since Taylor was not seen.

Interpreters of Bella Swan and Jacob Black arrived on Saturday (31). Taylor said he took the opportunity to experience meat in Brazil. “I love barbecue and I was happy to have gone to an authentic Brazilian churrascaria,” said the actor. Robert Pattinson has not come to the country because it is in Japan advertising the film, which opens on November 20.

Nov 1, 2009
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I’ve added a new candid photo of Kristen on her way to Aiport on November 1, 2009.


Nov 1, 2009
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Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner left the hotel trough its backdoor surrounded by screaming fans.

It ended around 20:40 (Brazilian time) of Sunday night, November 1st, the visit of the “New Moon” stars, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, in Brazil. The actors left the Hyatt hotel in Sao Paulo, in a convoy consisting of six armored cars heading to the Guarulhos International Airport, where they embark for Mexico to continue with the release of the second movie of the vampire saga.

The cars with the actors left the hotel surrounded by more than 50 screaming fans who were waiting at the sideway hoping to see the actors even behind glasses. When the car stopped at the lighthouse, the vehicles were surrounded by girls who tried to take pictures. This happened during their entire stay at the hotel (you can see pictures of the crowd at their hotel here), a lot of fans stayed at the hotel door waiting for a click, a sign, anything. The security around the actors was heavy and they were only seen by the public when they landed in Guarulhos in the late morning of Saturday, October 31st. • Read full story »

Nov 1, 2009
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Nov 1, 2009
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I’ve added new event photos of Kristen and Taylor at the ‘New Moon’ Brazil Press Conference on November 1, 2009.


Oct 31, 2009
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Kristen and Taylor are in Brazil, ready to promote New Moon. Brazil has a HUGE Twilight fanbase, one of the biggest in the world, so it’s not a secret as to why they’re there to promote the movie. I’m pretty much searching everywhere online for news for you guys, and translating them as they come. It’s taking me awhile because I’m not an expert in Portuguese, so please bare with me, and please make sure to link back if you re-post this information. It’s taking a lot of work!

Anyway, here’s what we know:

They tried to keep a secret the time of arrival of the pair. However, fans somehow already knew the time! They were waiting for them with posters and memorabilia to have it signed. There weren’t too many fans, probably a couple of dozens. And PLENTY of reporters and photographers. Reporters made the biggest crowd. This made it impossible for them to leave the airport. Took them about an hour to leave. Security tried to fool fans and told them Kristen and Taylor were coming out of a different gate. Fans didn’t buy it, and didn’t move from the gate were they eventually emerged from. Kristen and Taylor didn’t stop fo autopgraphs, but waved goodbye and smiled at the fans. Fans are waiting outside the hotel to see if the pair comes out to say hello, at least through their windows. Hotel security will not let anyone who’s not a guest inside the hotel. There’s at least one more huge star staying in the same hotel. Nothing to do with Twilight though! So here might be extra people waiting for her. She’s a singer. That’s why security is working around the clock! Kristen and Taylor will be in Brazil today and tomorrow doing interviews, photoshoots and a press conference that will take place tomorrow morning.

• Read full story »

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