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Oct 21, 2009
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‘Twilight’ Co-star Jackson Rathbone talks Kristen Stewart during his interview with MTV.

Rathbone said Jasper will tell Bella his story after a training sequence where he helps the Cullens prepare for the newborn army that’s approaching.

“It’s actually the first time Bella and Jasper interact that’s longer than one sentence, or me attacking her,” Rathbone said, laughing. “Kristen and I kept saying it was really nice to get to work together because we had never had a chance to really, kind of, like, get into some dialogue.”

Oct 21, 2009
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Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, two of the New Moon’s main characters, the second movie from the Twilight Saga, will be in Mexico City the first week of November to promote the much-anticipated juvenile adventure.

Source: Tabasco Boy

Oct 21, 2009
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New Moon doesn’t hit theaters until Nov. 20, but the red carpet will be rolled out four days prior for its star-studded world premiere.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and many others are expected at the invite-only event Nov. 16. Just as Summit did with Twilight’s premiere, there will be two screenings happening simultaneously at the Mann Village and Bruin Theatres in the Westwood neighborhood of L.A.

No Twi-fans have been spotted camping out in front of the theaters just yet, but why do we have a feeling that’ll start happening sooner than later?

Meanwhile, we got some more deets on director David Slade taking a dark turn with Eclipse, the third installment of the Twilight franchise… • Read full story »

Oct 21, 2009
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‘New Moon’ Wolfpack Star, Bronson Pelletier has nicely mentioned both Robert & Kristen during an interview.

“Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart can’t even go out without being harassed by paparazzi or fans.”

“They’re very down to earth. They’re very good actors too. They’re really cool, and they’re very chill. I mean, at certain times you can joke around and stuff. Really good to work with.”

Oct 21, 2009
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I’ve added video & captures of Kristen for Security On Campus PSA.

This Security On Campus (SOC) Public Service Announcement starring Kristen Stewart will be airing in April for Sexual Assault Awareness month and then also in September for National Campus Safety Awareness month.


Oct 21, 2009
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“Twilight” fans are nothing if not vocal, reacting with zeal or disappointment as casting developments, actor comments and brand-new footage sneak out. Now only one month stands between the vampire franchise devotees and the second installment in the saga, “New Moon.” The passion — and the fresh peeks at the film — continue apace.

Another clip has hit the Web, this one showing Kristen Stewart’s Bella Swan in a confrontation with the wolf pack of Native American shape-shifters and featuring a CGI-fueled transformation from human to fang-bearing beast. And so MTV News hit the streets to find out what you had to say about this latest video. • Read full story »

Oct 20, 2009
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Alex Meraz has mentioned Kristen Stewart during his recent Vanity Fair Magazine Interview.

Did you receive any guidance from any of the other actors on set?
At that point, you’ve got yourself a job. There’s nothing that anyone else is really going to teach you. I didn’t have anyone holding my hand when I did the audition. What I did to get the job is what I had to do on film. In terms of everything else that was coming with that, with the fame and all of that stuff, [director] Chris Weitz and Kristen [Stewart] had the best advice to give me.

Can you say what that was?
Not really. It was between me and them.

Are you up for some wordplay? Please give me one word that describes some of the New Moon actors starting with the Wolf Pack.
Kristen Stewart [“Bella Swan”].

Aw, she’s awesome. I would say badass.

Oct 20, 2009
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The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive question and answer interview with ‘New Moon’ Director, Chris Weitz for ‘New Moon’ where Kristen has been mentioned on several parts.

The Hollywood Reporter: Why did you want to do a “Twilight” movie?
Chris Weitz: The tonality of the movie, which has a lot to do with heartbreak and longing, depression and reunion and ecstasy — these were emotions that struck a chord in me. I really loved the cast; Kristen (Stewart) and Rob (Pattinson) both are exceptionally talented. And I wanted to get my hand back in the game. There were a lot of things in this movie that I knew how to do: A combination of telling a character-based story but also handling special effects and working with young actors.

THR: Speaking of Italy, how have you dealt with the problem that your heartthrob is gone for most of the book?
Weitz: There are two heartthrobs in this movie, not just Rob but Taylor Lautner. Part of the point was that Edward was away. Readers of the book know this and appreciate it. The story is about loss and heartache; he is present as an absence. Bella is always thinking of him and affected by him. His return to the film is really powerful and made more so by not having millions of “back at the ranch” scenes. And the middle of the movie is sustained by Kristen’s amazing performance and by Taylor doing a lovely job as her best friend. There are people who would like nothing more that two hours of Rob Pattinson standing there, and I sympathize with them. But I think they’ll appreciate getting him back after the second act. • Read full story »

Oct 20, 2009
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Good news all fans, Regis & Kelly has confirmed that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart as well as Taylor Lautner will be the guests on Regis and Kelly Show on these dates.

November 18, 2009
November 19, 2009
November 20, 2009

Oct 20, 2009
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During Robert’s exclusive interview with Total Film, he discussed on reuniting with Kristen for New Moon.

How was it reuniting with Kristen Stewart for New Moon?
There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen. Even doing this sequel, it’s so easy… I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it again, but it’s so easy to play off her.She always says that she pretty much got me the part – though I don’t really believe her!

Source: Total Film

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